Saturday, 20 December 2014

Cats and fountain pens

Cats and pens seem to go together. I know so many collectors with cats, and they even turn up in pictures every so often.

So I adored this advert from French manufacturer Gold Starry, featuring a very smug and happy white cat. (She is, I think, the alter ego of the famous Le Chat Noir.)

"Je n'ecris plus comme un chat," she says. For those who don't speak French, you describe someone as 'writing like a cat' when they have completely illegibile writing that looks as if a spider took a swim in the ink and then crawled speedily about the page. This cat, on the other hand, is able to write a beautifully modulated hand (or perhaps paw) with her beautiful new fountain pen.

Naturally, she has a gold star hung from her collar - the same star that's found on the Gol Starry nib. And she's writing what I suppose can only be her letter to Santa - "un Gold Sta..."

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